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It all started with a dream and an open mic night! The year was 1999 and I was a volunteer with AIDS Action Committee in Boston, MA in a subgroup called Queercorps. We were a group of 20somethings doing outreach to the gay community with something else in common, most of us were performers of some sort�musicians, comedians, dancers, etc. We decided to have an open mic night and showcase our talents. I thought to myself, I'm not a professional singer, I'm not a professional actor, I really like Dannon Water and I like to sing songs and put my own lyrics to them, so I will do my version of stand-up comedy. That night arrived and I got up on stage and started to talk about my passion for water and not just any kind of water, Dannon Water: crisp, pure, fresh tasting. As I started to talk, people laughed, slowly more people laughed and that was all I needed�I knew where I belonged�on stage talking about things that make me passionate.

Before long, I had a few minutes of material, then a few more bits of material, now I have a routine all my own.

In 2000, my dream came true, I performed in my very first amateur night at the Comedy Connection in Fannual Hall in Boston, MA. As I took to the stage (with my many friends in the audience) and started my performance, the next thing I saw were people laughing more at me than at that first open mic in 1999. At that moment, I just glowed from the inside out.

In June 2001, I moved back to NY and by the Fall, I was performing on the amateur shows at Stand-Up NY and Gotham Comedy Club in New York City. In September 2001, I won funniest Gay/Lesbian Stand-Up Comedian in Stand-Up NY's Funniest Gay/Lesbian Stand-Up Comedy Contest. Since then, I've continued to perform at clubs around New York City including NY Improv, New York Comedy Club, and Makor.

So as I say on my home page, I'm a different kind of comedian�I sing, do impressions, and wonder about life all with the help my faithful puppet, Hampton. I do theatre style puppetry where the audience sees my lips move as the puppet is talking, it's not vantriliquism (Thanks John & Leo for teaching me and to Patrick for making "Hampton.")

I am influenced by many people and things, but my top three comedy influences are Sandra Bernhard, Ellen DeGeneres, and Wendy Liebman. Three very different comedians, each strong in their own style, but mesh them all together and you get me. I am also influenced by Cher, Cyndi Lauper, Madonna, Dolly Parton and RuPaul - 4 performers who just get out there and do what they love�they dress up, they dress down, but most of all they are who they are and they just let the world know it.

Let me finish by saying, I am who I am and do what I do, so enjoy!

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